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"The true value of a thing is the trust placed in it."

Sculptereum is a French Start-Up founded in 2021 in the Valbonne / Sophia-Antipolis basin. We make a sculpture 100% handmade equipped with a digital wallet . It is an association between modern art and the blockchain.

Sculptereum firmly believes in the innovative potential of Web 3. The key point for the development of this ecosystem is the ability of emerging projects to offer users innovative and decentralized applications whose technology would be based on the Blockchain. The trust placed in this technology concretely represents its real value. Sculptereum, with its handcrafted Sculpture equipped with a digital wallet, creates a bridge between the real world and this virtual universe.

Our Connected Sculpture or as we call it "Smart Sculpture" is a tangible link to Web 3. Through Art, it allows even the most novice person to smoothly access this innovative ecosystem of digital assets and NFTs. Thus, through its many possible uses, our Smart Sculpture aims to promote adoption.

In contact with the community, Sculptereum continues to grow. Thanks to quality collaborations, we build a place for ourselves among innovative projects and talented digital artists. Our ambitions are great but we always remain attentive to our environment to maintain a strong link with all those who support us and with whom we share the same values.

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