La première génération de sculpture connectée

Smart Sculpture: the link between Art and Blockchain

The first generation of Connected Sculpture

Smart Sculpture

Enter the Web 3 through Art

Sculptereum launches the Smart Sculpture: a design object linked to the Blockchain via the wallet assigned to it.

The Smart Sculpture is a physical NFT that ties its user to Web 3 in an elegant and tangible way. It promotes the adoption of this evolving universe.
Each Smart Sculpture has its own identity with the public key of the wallet associated with it. It is self-sufficient in energy and works by magnetic induction. It connects to its wallet with "contactless" technology by simply approaching a Smartphone to the surface of its base.

For the 1st edition, we created the Ethereum Smart Sculpture. It's numbered, signed and limited to 10,000 copies. 10,000 NFTs of the Smart Sculpture in 3D are also planned: it will be possible to own a Smart Sculpture in real life but also digitally in different Metaverse and NFT galleries.

Its characteristics

Piece of Art

The Smart Sculpture is a design object, it is numbered, signed, limited to 10,000 copies. and entirely handmade in France.


With its wallet the Smart Sculpture allows you to receive and store your crypto currencies and your NFTs.

Physical NFT

Each Smart Sculpture is unique and authenticated by the wallet assigned to it. It makes the sculpture a physical NFT.


The Smart Sculpture is full of potential. A whole ecosystem around Art is currently under development.

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How does it work ?

Here is an explanatory video to understand how a Smart Sculpture works and its fundamentals.

Limited Edition 10 000 Ethereum Smart Sculptures

Private Sale

1  Smart Sculpture

1 Sculptereum Card Holder

1  SAVE IT Card 

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Step 1

1  Smart Sculpture

1  Sculptereum Card Holder

1  SAVE IT Card

Step 2

1  Smart Sculpture

1 Sculptereum Card Holder

1  SAVE IT Card 


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Note Book

Here is a detailed manual that will explain to you the basics of Sculptereum and how to correctly use its Smart Sculpture and its tips.Smart Sculpture correctement et ses astuces.

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The first generation of Connected Sculpture.

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